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"marika" wrote in message news:...

. Russian Election

Of course you have followed the Putin and Russian election issue

Russia's authoritarian leader Putin remains in control.
Press excerpts:

. What's Culture?

Mentioned e-glob:
& http://www.politikforen.de/showthrea...00#post1806200

. Discourse Behavior

Sort of two German "online affirmations" from Spiegel "forists"...
& http://www.politikforen.de/showthrea...67#post1804467

. Intercultural Relatedness

The Rhinelander (who resides in the UK) has been using this quote:

"My Lords, do whatever you wish.
As for me, I shall do no otherwise than pleases me." (Queen Elizabeth
I, as I assume)

OHMIGOD! Brilliant! Outsource it! No startup costs, no production costs,
no nothing. Brilliant!

the above was a good discussion

FK reply:

. Ukrainian Model

The new girlfriend of Germany's ex-soccer-star Lothar Mätthäus (46) is
the Ukrainian model Kristina "Tschutschu" Liliana (20).

2 photos: http://p3.focus.de/img/gen/0/l/HB0lc...en_r_467xA.jpg

Lovely girl, amazing eyes


. Homeland

Yeah, that's true. I loved it dearly as a youngster.
And I'll appreciate this as my 'sweet homeland' forever.

You could see on the 'bikeway (around the entire lake) map' that the
isle of Lindau is situated in the east whereas...

. Kids

This leads me to a question about kids. Someone called me to ask my
about taking an offered job. She made a big deal about how she didn't
to move because her child was having difficulty in adjusting to school
about 14 I guess.

I hear this so often from parents about excuses about not moving to
their own career. I really kind of don't get it. Because I only have
invisible children. Today they were asked to audition for the play
Crusoe" by the way, and I am very proud of them.

In the meantime, whenever I hear this from parents, it is inevitably
a child who they portrayed to me 10 years earlier as a child of unbounded
talents who is clearly a genius. So why are they having trouble in
ten years later.

You would think that taking them out of a school that they are having
trouble in would improve them altogether.

I also harken back to the time I was a teen. I wish my parents were
and that they had moved around more. This would have enriched my ability
cope in many ways.

I could be wrong because of course my invisible children are very mobile
happy to do whatever I want.

I traveled with my parents only around in many German federal states
as well as in Austria and Switzerland. With my friend's parents we
discovered the French Côte d'Azur and the Italian Riviera. Invited by
a general's family (the general's wife was my former French teacher) I
stayed several weeks in Roma. Thereafter I moved to London - and so

well see then you parents equipped you for interacting with a vast variety
of people and cultures.

. Gloriousness

I guess you also saw the photos of Stein a.R., of the little chateau
Arenenberg's splendid interior, and of 'Rothenburg ob der Tauber'
which is in an entirely different area (Franken in Bavaria). I only
presented it in this context because it was mentioned within the
excerpted passage (pertinent to Stein).

very glorious

. Mount Vernon

I contrast this to my experiences yesterday.
We had dinner over my friend's apartment. She made a great meal that
included lobster.

Then we went to Mount Vernon to see a historic Christmas display of
President Washington's estate.

As we entered there was an adorable miniature version of the estate.
One of the placards indicated that a particular bedroom was the Lafayette
bedroom, because Lafayette was MORE than just a friend.
This led to speculation about what the phrase "father of our country"

We decided that George and Martha might have really been swingers and
Lafayette and they probably often menaged.

Then, we moved on to a waiting spot under tents. Important because it
drizzling rain.

There we were treated to cookies from a recipe by Martha. And also warm
apple cider to deal with the wind.

We listened to a small singing group perform carols that might have been
sung at that time in history.

Finally, they allowed us to move forward.

The guide gave us a letter of introduction to give to Martha Washington
that we would be admitted to the estate.

It turns out that the US was founded on bureaucracy from the first day!!!

A little girl carried our letter of introduction. An actor playing the
slave caretaker accepted the letter and submitted to an actress playing
Martha. She offered to share her recipe for cake.

There were no tannenbaums in the house because that tradition did not
to the US till the 1800s. Turns out, from Germany.

I'd seen Mount Vernon before and may have mentioned it somewhere before,
never had I seen it at night.

Nor at Christmas time but in the summer, so this was a new experience.

They took us to the kitchen to show us the Christmas pie. What an
extraordinary grotesque thing. It was taller than a typical cake. It was
made of dough and stuffed with foul. They would take a small bird, like
partridge, then stuff it in a larger bird such as a duck. And then keep
adding larger and larger birds. The birds were stuffed matreshka style
in a
very salt saturated dough that was meant to preserve the pie. The pies
then sent to England as gifts to relatives.


They also made some weird wines. Here, from turnips.

Also, after the tour, we got to see a demonstration of dancing from that
era. It was probably the minuet but I couldn't hear what was being said.
noticed that it wasn't much different from the Electric Slide.

Very nice story and www.mountvernon.org a great historic estate.

HEre's the link from that page about the history of the miniature


here's a picture

this shows fashions that Martha Washington wore


They don't have a copy of the bonnet that the actress who played her
daughter wore

It was shaped like this but in a plain white color


This is very close to the burka as far as I am concerned.
I imagine it contributed to very many trip and fall accidents.
It's like horse blinders

. Miss World 2007


The first Chinese Miss World is Zhang Zilin from Beijing...
http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13.../13589698.html [diverse
galleries included].

. 1001 Nights

Here's an "exotic" gallery of Lambertz:
[13 artful photos]

. History of Streaking

Photo gallery:www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/0,5538,26872,00.html

Is this art or fun - or both?
Or what could it be 'named'?

yeah maybe

It's just harmless fun,
I had a friend from Roanoke who had streaked on every single East coast
campus at one of their football games. He's a professional, a lawyer,
but I
don't think he'd call it art. He's a poet too, so I think he calls his
poetry art. but not his streaking

I thought the Spiegel might have considered those photos as art.

. Spencer Tunik

New York photographer Spencer Tunick, best known for staging photos
with hundreds, often thousands of naked people in public settings, ...
his largest photo shoot ever ... in Mexico City. It featured an
estimated 6,000-9,000 naked Mexicans and took place in the Zócalo,
Mexico City's famous city square, which once was the center of the
Aztec Empire.

This may be fun for the participants and is, supposedly, real ART.

I've seen some of his stuff before but I didn't imagine you were talking
about the photo. Most photos are pretty much art

and if a streaker wants to call his performance art, I won't object

Just my friend doesn't

here's an article about a young lady for whom staying put and not moving
with her family was a benefit

Notice how this relates to George Washington and me (Alexandria where I
lived and also where George lived) as well as a connection to you in a way
Truly international stuff


What a Year for Wagner

Ashley Wagner

Dec. 3, 2007
Article & Photo © J. Barry Mittan

It's been quite a year for Ashley Wagner, with personal bests coming
throughout the year in both juniors and seniors. She started 2007 by
winning the bronze medal in junior ladies at the U. S. Nationals. Although
she had placed fourth in 2006, she had never reached the top three at any
level in skating at Nationals until that time.

Then the 16-year-old won the bronze medal at the World Junior Figure
Skating Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany, in her first and only
appearance at the event. World Juniors was a homecoming of sorts for
Wagner, who was born in Heidelberg, while her father, an Army lieutenant
colonel was stationed in the country. She is already a seasoned traveler,
having moved nine times with her family. They finally settled in
Alexandria, Virginia, near the Pentagon, where her father was actually
working when it was attacked on September 11, 2001.

Wagner opened the 2007-08 season by finishing fifth at Skate Canada in her
first ISU senior Grand Prix appearance. Then she came from behind to win
the bronze medal at Trophee Eric Bompard Cachemire in Paris for her first
senior Grand Prix medal. "I'm really excited about this season," Wagner
said. "It was time to move up to seniors and I hope it goes well. I'm just
hoping to show everyone that I am a senior lady and that I can skate with
the big dogs." In France, competing against World champion Kimmie Meissner
and Mao Asada, she showed she could indeed hold her own against the best.

The year 2006 was also a good one for Wagner, who burst on to the
international scene by winning three events in late 2006 -- the Triglav
Trophy, the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France, and the ISU JGP
in The Hague, Netherlands. She capped off 2006 by finishing second at the
ISU Junior Grand Prix Final in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Wagner started skating in Eagle River, Alaska when she was five. "There
was nothing to do there in the winter and I was driving my mom crazy,"
Wagner recalled. "So I had a choice of ballet or skating and I wasn't
going to do anything in pink shoes. I've actually started ballet now
though because people were telling me I didn't look as mature as other
skaters so I'm trying to improve on that."

Wagner's younger brother, Austin, also competes nationally for the U. S.
in intermediate men. "It's nice to have him skating at the same rink,"
Wagner stated. "We both go to Mount Vernon Recreation Center. I usually
have about three and a half hours on the ice, five days a week and another
hour or an hour and a half of off ice practice. I do Pilates and I like to
run after practice but I don't do anything else special. I used to do
karate as a kid and got up to a yellow belt."

Shirley Hughes has trained Wagner for the past six years. "Being a
military brat really affected my skating," Wagner said. "This is the
longest I've ever been in one place and it's really helped working with
Shirley." Wagner landed her first triple salchow at 13, but thinks her
triple lutz is her best jump.

"My lutz is the best but I can tack a triple loop on the end of anything,"
she said. "My triple toe is not amazing yet. I'm working on making every
jump better as well as improving my skating skills and the quality of the
jumps. I'll have triple loop-double loop, triple flip-double loop-double
loop, and a triple lutz-triple loop in my programs."

Jill Shipstad-Thomas choreographed Wagner's programs for 2007-08. "Both of
my programs are new this season," Wagner said. "The music just sounded
right to me. I like to use music that tells a story to entertain the
audience, not boring repetitive music. So far I've always changed both of
my programs every year because I get bored with them after a year and want
something fresh."

Wagner's short program is to music from the soundtrack of "Henry VIII" by
Camille Saint-Saens while her free skate is to "Tango Jalousie" by Jacob
Gade and "Mambo Jambo" by Perez Prado. "I'm using 'Bye Bye Blackbird' from
the Broadway musical 'Fosse' for my exhibition program," Wagner said.
"It's a nice upbeat song that's kind of fun to skate to." Off ice, she
listens to anything that's alternative and upbeat, like the Red Hot Chili

To relax, she likes to hang out with friends, go shopping, and watch
movies. "I like cheesy romantic comedies, definitely not horror," she
said. She also collects Russian dolls. Her father brings them home to her
as gifts on his international business travel. Her family has a cat, a
frog, and two dogs as pets, including her German wirehaired pointer,

Wagner is a junior at West Potomac High School, from which she walks to
the ice rink every day. "I hope to be a sports medicine doctor," she said.
"But skating affects when I'll go to college. I've always been kind of
interested in medicine. I watch the Health Channel a lot. I think it would
be a chance to combine skating with a career."

For further information, Wagner has a website at


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